Resident Evil’s Move Away From Horror Means I Won’t Be Playing

GameFront: I never got around to playing Resident Evil 5. I should have — I’ve been a huge Resident Evil fan for years, and Resident Evil 4 is among my favorite games of all time. The first trailers for Resident Evil 5 had me giddy: more huge monsters, more plodding terrors, more convoluted stories. More horror.

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Treian2263d ago

exactly. Last good game was RE4. RE5 was just bad, and RE6 is just an improvment on RE5 >_>... I won't be buying it so I don't support Ca$hcom, but I may get it used.

abzdine2263d ago

i dont think RE4 was a good RE but just a good action game at that time. RE died after Code: Veronica.

I'm boycotting all RE since RE4. Go to hell Capcom

WeskerChildReborned2263d ago

I might still give it a chance if i like the demo.

GTRrocker6662263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

"Survival Horror games wont sell."....

Isn't that how resident evil became famous in the first place? What about dead space? That game sold well.

I dont know about you guys, but developers playing it safe is a huge turn off for me as a gamer.

VirtualSamadhi2263d ago

Agree, except Dead Space is STILL an action game with horror elements! Try Amnesia if you want horror, but that's on PC. It's a HUGE turn-off that developers have stopped experimenting with slow-down, puzzles, and the build-up of tension that leads to suspense, as well as Camera Angles, this Generation!

oldfriend862263d ago

Other than avoiding every Capcom game from now on, I'll just be sticking with the RE6 demo. I figure 5 minutes of the Michael Bay crap is enough, compared to the 30 hour full game.

Honestly, the Ada side-story looked the most impressive.

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The story is too old to be commented.