Star Wars: The Old MMO Problem

Bit-Tech: Another month passes and another big MMO announces it's moving from a standard subscription model to free to play, with the publisher strenuously re-iterating that this is both A Good Thing and also What They Planned All Along. Nothing super interesting in that, except that the MMO in question is Star Wars: The Old Republic - the most expensive game ever made.

Not only was it the most expensive game ever made, but it was also developed by one of the best studios in the industry and based on one of the world's most popular franichses. And it's still unable to run on subscriptions after less than a year? Blimey.

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ATi_Elite2319d ago

SWTOR was a HUGE waste of money.

They should of spent more money on the game play quality than the voice actors.

Rift and Tera Online are doing better than SWTOR and Guild Wars 2 will kill off SWTOR once and for all!!