Can Sonic Adventure 3 revive the once almight blue blur?

Like many Sonic fans, I enjoyed the Adventure games (the second game being one of my favourite games) However. with the recent news of Sega registering Sonic Adventure 3 domain names, is it too late for Sonic to go on a new adventure?

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PopRocks3592320d ago

No. Sonic Team doesn't have the staff it once had.

Rikuson12320d ago

If Sonic Adventure 3's controls are just like the 1st two and it has the chao garden it can definitely revive the franchise but if that change anything it wouldn't

Muffins12232319d ago

Yea,the chao garden was the best part of them.That's like the cake and the story is just the icing lol.But in all seriousness,the story and missions is what we need to be most worried about and hope that its good :)

Outside_ofthe_Box2320d ago

Aw man. Sonic adventure was the reason I got a dreamcast. I really hope SA3 can live up to the Sonic Adventure games of the past.

ChunkyLover532319d ago

I thought Sonic Generations did a great job at reviving the series. Sonic Colors on Wii Was also a solid game for the franchise.

I think Sonic is fine, they maybe just stretched him a little thin sometimes.

jimbobwahey2319d ago

Yeah, Sonic Generations is an absolutely amazing game, and definitely up there as one of the best in the franchise I think.

The problem in my eyes, is that people overlooked it and focused more on the crappy Sonic 4 episodic games that were released on PSN/XBL at the time, and so the Generations game, despite being brilliant, didn't really have a chance to shine.

Sonic Generations definitely proves that they have a LOT of talent over there for making great Sonic games though. I just wish they'd give us another Generations game really.

Gran Touring2319d ago

I really hope sega takes their time with this one, if they're actually making it. Sonic adventure 1 and 2 were the last two great sonic games for me, and I've been saying for years they should just make a third, and don't rush development. (i.e, 1 year dev times like every sonic game since heroes.)

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The story is too old to be commented.