Analysis: What SWTOR did wrong

A lack of innovation, thin content and an outdated payment model are just some of the problems with BioWare's MMO.

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acidbrn2271d ago

You would have thought that a game of this caliber would have been more ground-breaking, and would have progressed the genre to the next level.

Feralkitsune2270d ago

It was just WoW clone in Star Wars skin. It did nothing new besides the personal story, which felt like a SP game with barely any MMO traits. Should have a been a normal KotOR game with optional Multiplayer. There was nothing to justify a subscription.

SeanDKnight2270d ago

I agree, it does seem more like a single-player/co-op game rather than an MMO. Of course EA's decision to make it available only on Origin also didn't help it much either.