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"As the third game in the lineup for Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade, Deadlight looks to join in on the crowded genre that is post-apocalyptic zombie games. Is it the smash everyone hoped it would be, or is it just as lifeless as its enemies?" -Cassidee from

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guitarded772360d ago

I believe Cassidee has over inflated the shortcomings of Deadlight and seeks attention by giving the game a low score. I rarely agree with IGN, but their review was spot on... the jump/attack commands are not instantaneous, when you hit the button, but neither is swinging an ax. The heavy feel of the jump/attack commands are there to add weight to the gameplay and add suspense. I'm not saying it's a wonderful mechanic, but there is a reason behind it. The rest of Cassidee's issues with the game are trivial... especially the "story" aspect. I'd continue, but my beer's getting warm and I have games to play. Point is, Deadlight is a solid game even if it is the 4,000th zombie game this generation.