Bomberman the Final 3rd Party Character of Brawl?

A recently posted screenshot on that may certainly be legit proof of Bomberman being in Super Smash Bros Brawl.

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coolfool4784d ago

I can't seem to see bomberman in that photo?

PeterGriffinSays4784d ago

He's right in between Wario and Snake.

Kakkoii4784d ago (Edited 4784d ago )


Is that NESS I see selected!

My prayers have been answered! They left him in the game. HAL EH LU YA!

permutated4784d ago

I really hope Bomberman isn't in SSBB.

A better character please?

mighty_douche4784d ago

Only WII game that appeals to me, i used to love the GameCube version, problem is, id rather use the GameCube pad!

Frances-the-Mute4784d ago

good thing is, we could use the gamecube pad, and marth is in the game!

mighty_douche4783d ago

Cheers for the feed back guys^^

DubC, i realise that all those pads work with the WII, but it doesnt confirm if all games support them all.

ChickeyCantor4783d ago (Edited 4783d ago )

Im supprised that people do not do research and ask others about stuff thats been announced a while ago.

but to answer your question: no not all of the wii games support each controller scheme.
if its really motion based you can forget about it.
there are just a few games supporting GCN controller,but not all, and i think that wont change in the future.

coolfool4783d ago (Edited 4783d ago )

What is wrong with asking others for information? I am sure nobody above minded answering.

The beauty with asking others is that not only do you get the information but you can also get their thoughts and opinions on it as well which is always interesting to read. Hence the invention of comment sections.......

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The story is too old to be commented.