Should The Gaming Industry Be More Talkative? Game Makers Speak Up

Yesterday, Kotaku ran an op-ed asking people who make and publish video games to talk more, to be more willing to answer gamers' questions, to communicate rather than wrap themselves in a blanket of cold, corporate silence.

The piece triggered quite a few passionate reactions.

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chrisyoung04222267d ago

Too much snobby attitude from the game media is an issue IMO.

EVILDEAD3602267d ago

I agree..

The reply from Twisted Pixel was priceless. The media (especially sites like Kotaku) will throw anyone under the bus if it provides hits to their site.

They could care less about developers or their livelihood. They could careless about gamers. It's all about hits for their site.

They will stoop to levels of leaking everything about a game to make a buck , and then turn around and pretend Square Enix should have uttered a word to these guys.

Which is why Rockstar does it right. They are airtight with what get's out to the point it's a complete shock when they even release a trailer. Nobody complains about them being shrought in secrecy.

Again, if you spend millions and millions on your game you should have the right to release information on it on your own terms..not the medias.


prototypeknuckles2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

we gamers do speak up and try to talk to developers but the gaming media tries to bash the true fans and call us whiny, or the companies choose not to listen at all.(capcom)

TruthbeTold2267d ago

I agree, but it's true that many of us do whine and don't understand the issues that cause certain decisions to be made. The whining, ignorant crowd has become an easy scapegoat for some developers to hide their criticism-worthy decisions behind though.

prototypeknuckles2267d ago

completly agree, it just annoys me that developers label us gamers as a whole by using the real crybabies as ammo.

TruthbeTold2267d ago

What a candid and interesting piece. Props.