Better Than the Game? 5 of the Best Video Game Commercials Ever Made

Commercials are made to grab the viewer’s attention and bring awareness to a company’s particular product, and the video game commercial is no different. There are those that use hard boiled action or T&A to thrill, some that use humor to elicit laughter, and those that tug at the heart strings to provoke genuine emotion. Sadly, there are even some that are just way better than the actual game itself.

Whichever the category these following video game commercials fall under, or if the commercial manages to sell the product it's hawking or not, one thing remains true: They are–simply put–awesome.

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BitbyDeath2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

I'd vote Skyrim, the game was great but the live action commercial was even more amazing.

Naners2267d ago

That one was a great commercial for sure. But if they were going for realism, they should have shown the Dragonborn punching the dragon in the snout, because let's face it, we've all done that at least once. ;)

I made sure to add it to my big list!

chrisyoung04222267d ago

The PS3 "Michael" commerical will be one of my favorites forever.

iamnsuperman2267d ago

It was the first step that brought the PlayStation ads back to the good old days of "The double Life"

Naners2267d ago

Gah, another good one. So hard to make a top five sometimes. Poor Pikachu might be losing his place soon if this continues.

PoSTedUP2267d ago

i like the crash bandicoot taunting nintendo on their company grounds one lol.

NastyLeftHook02267d ago

the god of war commercials, and the battlefield commercials.

thebudgetgamer2267d ago

This Halo 3 commercial is one of the best I ever seen.
This one is also great.

chrisyoung04222266d ago

So many good ones! I totally forgot about the Crash ones. Those were pretty funny.

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