Call of Duty: "Significant concerns" that it's peaked, "genre tired" says analyst

Following the company's second quarter earnings report, analysts issued their usual investors notes on Activision Blizzard. One comment that raised some eyebrows came from Ben Schachter of Macquarie Securities, who said "we have significant concerns that CoD may have peaked in 2011."

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WeskerChildReborned2268d ago

Yea MW3 was the worst COD IMO so i wouldn't be surprised if people are actually seeing that each game barely has innovation except for Black Ops 2, i actually happy that they at least chose a new setting and are changing everything up sadly though that they are using the same engine.

MaverickStar72264d ago

While on one hand I don't mind a new game every year, now its just starting to get to be too crowded. With all the DLC they started tossing out recently for MW3, I feel its a little too late because I'm already ready for BO2. Now if you play other games in the genre or anything else it really is to crammed now. I wouldn't mind if they took next year off, and just let the Black Ops 2 content spread out a few more months, and give Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer/whoever an extra year to work. Especially if they try to skip a MW4 and come up with something new. And if there are new consoles next year that adds a whole new challenge.