Telltale Games: 'The idea of a 99c gamer on iOS is more myth than fact'

Telltale Games's Silver Award-winning The Walking Dead tie-in title shambled onto iOS a week ago carrying an identical price tag to its console and PC counterparts.

To download all of the chapters in this five-part adventure series, then, iOS gamers will have to fork out £10.49 / $14.99 for the Multi-Pack or £2.99 / $4.99 per episode.

With those relatively expensive price tags in mind, our sister site conducted an interview with Telltale Games SVP of publishing Steve Allison, in which he pooh-poohed the notion that iOS customers aren't willing to pay premium prices for premium content.

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instantstupor2267d ago

I think the fact that most games on mobile devices have a short shelf life (we finish one and move on), makes it appropriate to price them at 99 cents. I think it makes more sense to say 99 cents is not a hard and fast rule, but is the most profitable market. It's in impulse buy territory. I would never pay the same for a game, even with the same content as a PC/Console, on a mobile device. But that is just me.