Making violent games in a violent country

When decapitated victims and bullet-ridden bodies are familiar stories in local news reports -- not just highlighted features for the latest shooter -- how does that affect the way game makers approach violence?

Video games are often more than just showcases of the latest graphics and design ideas; for many triple-A developers, they're also opportunities to flaunt the latest advancements in virtual violence, new ways to show how the human body crumples from a close-range shotgun blast, or how a whole person can be turned into a limbless torso with a few slashes.

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Lord_Sloth2266d ago

Mankind is violent by nature. At least we're no longer using real Gladiators.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Violent by nature? I disagree. It is the nature of the ego actually. I am not violent by nature at all.

AO1JMM2266d ago

Humans are a violent species he didn't say every last human was violent. History is on his side on this discussion.

Lucretia2266d ago

exactly what i was gonna say lord sloth.

mankind is a species that is run by violence, greed and corruption.

the most violent of all is government, the ones that would use fear to make u give up ur rights.

its the way of the world, so this article is dumb.

Sucitta2266d ago

you'd be amazed how many can't grasp this simple truth..

attilayavuzer2266d ago

Decapitations familiar in local newspapers? Where are we a Mexican slum?

My local newspapers talk about politics, local events and other fluffy stuff.

WeskerChildReborned2266d ago

Yea Mexico and other countries has it kinda bad. It seriously sucks what some humans do to others.

mananimal2265d ago

Its Not that people cant grasp the Idea that Humans have a propensity for Violence, its that they DONT want to admitt it, for a variety of reasons. Most people CANNOT stomach the Truth..... And they "Violently" oppose it, lol.

Then the Next question would be: "Why do Humans have a propensity for Violence & What are the ROOT causes for it?"......... lol, that my friends, is a question & a Rabbit Hole, for another day...But.... The answer is wrapped in the TRUTH, ....therefore, very few people , would like the Answer, lol.