My favorite Vita games are PSP games

Exerpt: "I love my Vita not because it has some really great exclusive games, though the ones it does have are pretty darn good. I love it because it’s helped me find a new love for the PSP."

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Venox20082271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

are there any news about two Psp games to be released on Vita on PSN? metal gear acid & acid 2? I'm still patiently waiting ;)

PoSTedUP2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

im waiting for Peacewalker.... and um lets see. the games i am currently playing are Persona3portable (this time as the female) GTA LCS (bc it runs better than vice city) MGSHDremake (ps2 games) harvestmoonHOLV (pspRPG) and fate/EXTRA ('nother psp JRPG)

i put down Gravity rush for a little while bc i wasn't feeling the second island as much ( and i cant jump to it because i don't have the 32GB mem card yet so i gotta re-DL it.

so yeah, my fav games are PSP games so far.
i sold: MK, Uncharted, resistance (MP was fun, story was ok but bland) Hotsshots golf. i wanna get the Tennis game, and some of the "off games" like dragon hunter etc. great system tho. still more fun to be had with the vita games, still yet to find my sweet spot. P3p ownes every console game besides Persona4 : P

upcoming games: ray man, monster hunterFU (psp) tennis and MAYBE Ridge racer...

pneboy2270d ago

if you have a ps3 you can transfer peace walker over via it

ddurand12270d ago

yup, i have peacewlker on my vita, haventplayed it yet though

PoSTedUP2270d ago

does it have duel analogue control? i need to look into this asap, i would rather have an HD remake but i doubt that is going to happen.

ddurand12270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

yup, supports dual analog controls. i think it was a rather expensive title though.

ive been playin super stardust lately. havent had a little while to sit and dedicate time to peace walker.

PoSTedUP2270d ago

nice. i never got to finish PW. i had to sell my PSP 30hours into it (huge game with lots to do other than the story). i wanna get it again and beat it. i played SSD demo and it was really fun. is there online co-op? i might buy it, i just bought P3P tho so i might have to wait.

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Lord_Sloth2271d ago

Just like Gamecube games are my favorite Wii games.

Xperia_ion2270d ago

Resident games on the gamecube, loved them.

Xperia_ion2270d ago

Tales of space attack of the mutant blobs is too good to pass up.

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12345bnm2270d ago

Good games will always be good games.

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