Darksiders II - In-depth Preview | Only Single Player

OnlySP writes: The original Darksiders is what you might call a surprise hit. Released in early 2010 by THQ and Vigil Games, it was up against the likes of Bayonetta, God of War III, Mass Effect 2 and other juggernauts. It emerged from the pile-up, however, with critical acclaim and good sales, proving that it was a franchise with potential. The sequel is now a mere two weeks away, and it’s hoping to provide the same fantasy action-adventure experience minus the first game’s flaws. We’re here to give you the ultimate preview and provide you with all the info you need to know on the most anticipated title of the summer, Darksiders II.

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joab7772318d ago

I am excited for this game too. This year is RPG heaven. Lots of loot, different loot in ng + & the ability to trade with other players (at least I read that). Coming off dragons dogma (which I could play for months more), this game will be great.

PockyKing2318d ago

This and Borderlands 2 should fill our loot needs for a good long period of time.