Death Rally Review - Saving Content

Excerpt: "Death Rally is a game of replayability. Grinding is a bit harsh to say about how to earn money to upgrade and unlock items, but you have to replay races in order to do so. Once a vehicle is fully upgraded, there’s really nothing left to do, so you move on to the next one. Along the way you are shooting enemies to death and picking up weapon parts, car parts, and even track parts. Once they are all collected, then it unlocks the corresponding item.

There is a story, but the beats are only shown to you after a certain amount of gameplay. Basically you’re an outlaw captured by police to bring down killers in the “Death Rally”. Getting there requires playing several variants of races such as regular races, head-to-head, one round (one lap), deathmatches (arenas) across various difficulties. Failure to complete the objective will result in a deduction of funds from your total payout."

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