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Lior2268d ago

Its just trophies gosh

Commander_TK2268d ago

Thank god for no "Beat the game on hardest difficulty"!!!!!!

BiggCMan2268d ago

You do actually, because you need all the iPod songs, which 1 of them requires getting the Big Boss Emblem, and another requires getting all 40 emblems as well. So that one trophy will take a long time to get because there is so many aspects of it.

2268d ago
SPAM-FRITTER-1232268d ago

sweet trophies. don't forget wednesdays and sundays for that final gold trophy.

wish i had a PS3 again to get these.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

why did i get 16 disagrees lol.

i actually wish i had a PS3 again so i could collect these trophies.

Metal Gear is my favourite gaming franchise. if PC didn't have MG,MG2,MGS1,MGS2,MGS3,MGS:PO, and MGS:PW i would be console exclusive.

also did no one get the wednesday and sunday thing????
its when drebin gives 20% off all weapons in MGS4 thus helping with the collect all weapons trophy.

although i will say that the platinum trophy was a bit lazy. maybe completing the game on Boss Extreme without being detected would of made a better platinum.

there is some really sad,pathetic,paranoid F**kers on N4G.

you guys actually disagreed because you thought i was saying something negative against the PS3 LOL.

TheLaughingMan2268d ago

I should disagree cause you don't have a PS3 lol.

rjdofu2267d ago

Fanboys just disagree because you're not "one of them". To be "one of them". You must:
1. Have a PS3
2. Worship Sony + praise Ps3 exclusives.
Lacking any of those requirement will result in a disagree.
Lol it's sad & funny at the same time.

dc12267d ago

The Big Boss Emblem is required for the 'Sounds of the Battlefield' and 'I am The expert on weapons..' trophies.

So yeah.. this will be a hard plat. I cant wait!!

dc12267d ago


You forgot:
3 - Enjoy gaming as a whole; appreciating unique gaming experiences on all platform including (the 360 and Wii)

... Please drop the term 'fanboy' from you vocab..

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waltyftm2268d ago

I read the first 3 then stopped, really looking forward to this.

Omnislash2268d ago

yeah it should be savored, but 40 playthroughs is just too much savoring lol....

delicia2268d ago

Gotta plat this game soon.

waltyftm2268d ago

Take your time, MGS4 is like a fine Scotch whiskey, it needs to be savored not gulped down.

delicia2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

I mean as in as soon as the trophy patch comes out. I know this, I've finished this game over 6 times on the harder dificulties. Easily top 5 best games ever.

cruxito2268d ago

ive beat this game at least 4 5 times, im serious when i said it took me over 2 weeks to get the Invisible camouflage... so im pretty sure i will plat this game once the thropies comes out... best game ever

trenso12267d ago

yea me too hopefully i can get as many as i can before going away.

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Bobby Kotex2268d ago

People are making way too big deal about this.

shoddy2268d ago

Yay can't wait. Now there is good reason to play it again.

Love mgs

TheLaughingMan2268d ago

It's Metal Gear Solid 4. I'd rather have this again with Trophies then Rising.

TheDarkTyrant2268d ago

With that name and that comment, I'm surprised you even got 4 agrees...

gintoki7772268d ago

I didn't know there was ghosts on shadow moses 0.0

pixelsword2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Oh, yeah; I got pics of at least one of them. I read that somewhere in the game that Kojima's voice is in there somewhere (I've never seen that myself, though)

There's a lot of stuff in there, like making the bosses dance after you get their armor off, you can see that stack of attack robots trailing you as you trail that resistance fighter (when you have a certain visual mode on), and getting a music track for passing-out a lot of rations. The game is very detailed on it's own info as well; there's even the spot where Otacon pissed himself (but you probably saw that already)

GrooveMachine2267d ago

jesus christ 4 years where the hell has that gone!

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PirateThom2268d ago

That's a good trophy list, all for doing little side things rather than just for each chapter or getting emblems.

Nitrowolf22268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

was actually hoping for more. There's only 20 of them though. The Ipod one is funny though (40 emblems). Sneaky Bastards

PirateThom2268d ago

I still think it will have hidden trophies they haven't listed.

guitarded772268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Saw a post on the PS Blog that said had more story related trophies listed... Don't know if it's true or not. I wasn't going to register with the site to find out. Maybe they are just listing the objective based trophies on the PS Blog, and this guy was listing the story based trophies. I guess we'll find out in a couple days.

Bronze: 20 trophies
Sunny side up – Complete Morocco
Over Easy – Complete Peru
Over Medium – Complate Prague
Hard Boiled – Complete Shadow Moses
Free range – Complete Outer Haven
Sanguine – Defeat Laughing Octopus and Laughing Beauty
Choleric – Defeat Raging Raven and Raging Beauty
Melancholic – Defeat Crying Wolf and Crying Beauty
Dance with a Devil – Defeat Vamp
Gears in motion – Defeat Metal Gear Ray
Phlegmatic – Defeat Screaming Mantis and Screaming Beauty
Agenda agent – Defeat Liquid Ocelot
A mind of memories – Reach 100 flashbacks
Battery farmed – Collect all battery upgrades
Oops – Mistake a Haven soldier for a man
One Man Geneva Convention – Save all hostages in Peru
The camera loves ya – End a boss fight with a photoshoot
Robot buddy – Take a photo of the stalker in Prague
Not senile yet – Remember Otacon’s password
Bromance – Let Liquid Ocelot perform his hidden move…

Silver: 9 trophies
Medal – Earn a vertical row of emblems
Insignia – Earn a horizontal row of emblems
SchmOctocamo – Acquire Stealth Camo
Ancient Chinese secret – Acquire Infinity Bandana
Season of Giving – Collect all Sunny dolls
Style of the Season – Collect all costumes and face camos
Chillout – Collect all iPod music
Still got it – Complete the MGS1 flashback with no alerts
Nuclear Playground – Survive all 3 minutes during the Gekko warehouse section in Shadow Moses

Gold: 5 trophies
Old Soldier – Complete the game on The Boss Extreme
Honorific – Earn the Big Boss emblem
One Man Army – Acquire all weapons and equipment
Green Collar – Earn 1000000 Drebin Points
You’re pretty good – Don’t get hit during one of the final boss fight rounds

guitarded772268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

UPDATE: Apparently the trophies I listed above ^^^^ are fake... made up by an IGN user. Sorry for any confusion. I'd delete it if I could.

Rhythmattic2268d ago


Why people disagree with your statement Retracting your own ......WTF ?

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a_bro2268d ago

theres about 34 of them, or so thats what i read.

chiefdog112268d ago

Yeah, Konami said a week or two ago that there would be 34 trophies total.

LightSamus2268d ago

Full of silly side-objectives and nothing for just playing the game. Disappointing.

Don't get me wrong, it's great the game finally has trophies but the ones offered are pretty average.

Although there could be unannounced hidden trophies still seeing as there are only 20 listed there.

Ju2268d ago

Don't mind "side objectives". I guess most of us have played the game already. Keeps it interesting. I don't "just" want to play it one more time.

WildArmed2268d ago

Gotta say, I'm surprised that they didn't go all MGS HD Collection on the trophies and made them nearly impossible/super time consuming.

Yay Kojima

PirateThom2268d ago

They did, just in a sneaky way.

The iPod one?

You need to get the "Snake Eater" song. To get that, you need to collect all 40 emblems.

WildArmed2268d ago

Oh, didn't know that. The rest of the ones don't seem too bad.

It's oging to be MGS2 dog tag hunting all over again -_-