EA Is Suing Zynga For Copyright Infringement

In a new press release, EA has annoucned that they has filed copyright infringement against Zynga for their popular game The Ville. Details from EA follow.

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Emilio_Estevez2267d ago

I actually agree with EA here.

AztecFalcon2267d ago

I've never played these social games but I do know that Zynga likes to rip off of stuff or buy smaller studios who make better social games then them.

HammadTheBeast2267d ago

It takes a lot to side for EA, but Zynga's blatant copying was getting out of hand, with most people succumbing to their million dollar lawyers.

Ben_Grimm2267d ago

Thank you, when the The Ville launched it was way too obvious from EVERYONE that it was a Sims rip off. Zynga pulled this before with Mafia Wars, if I'm not mistaken there's a quote from Pincus saying that "Our games don't of to be original just do what the other guys do but better."

Burn Zynga BURN!

HammadTheBeast2267d ago

Looks like Zynga is in Trouble Town.

specialguest2267d ago

Finally a big corporation sues Zynga for copyright infringement. After the crash of their stock, I hope they lose this copyright infringement case.