Ni no Kuni pre-order bonuses announced

Namco Bandai has shared information regarding North American pre-order bonuses for Ni no Kuni.

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FFXI1012267d ago

I'm so looking forward to play this game.

TooTall192267d ago

Does Newegg include this with their $10 off preorder?

supraking9512267d ago

glad i preordered from Namco Bandai, Wizard edition is better :D

penpen42267d ago

I'm totally just going to pre-order at gamestop, get the steel case, and return the game since I'm already getting the Wizard edition.

O_O I must have everything related to Ni No Kuni!

Outside_ofthe_Box2267d ago

Amazon it is for me. I can't wait to play this game.

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