HonestGamers Review // Legend of Dragoon

Gary Hartley Writes: Its initial fragility is often the last impression bestowed upon a gamer. But there’s more to be discovered; I’m not going to reel of a huge list, we’d be here all day. Some things you’ll just have to discover on your own.

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nrvalleytime2269d ago

I truly with that (1) this game receives a sequel and (2) the original is updated in HD.

CloudyAero2269d ago

Deserves 20/10
That's just me though.

sashimi2269d ago

yeah awesome game, already put another 60+ hours into it when released on psn.

phantomexe2269d ago

I'm with you guys i wish we would get a new one plus an hd remake.I missed it when it released but later on i tryed it out and fell in love with it.

iMpuTeD2269d ago

This game was just as good as the final fantasy series at the time i loved this game