EA Summer Showcase: Mass Effect 3 Wii U Interview

GotGame made an appearance at EA's Summer Showcase this year. There, we got the chance to check out Mass Effect 3 for the Wii U using the GamePad. Check out this hands on demonstration.

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GhostHero3332267d ago

Cant wait! I am going to stop playing mass effect 3 multiplayer on my xbox so that I can play on the Wii U.

PygmelionHunter2267d ago

Man, does it look smooth! I'm sold, glad I skipped the PS3 version.

Jadedz2267d ago

The dude also switched the from playing the tv, to the Wii U Gamepad!

The 4 player co-op is the biggest thing for me, though.

Ramon3MR2266d ago

I'm excited for this version too.