Top GotY Contenders: Dishonored And Assassin's Creed III

Two of the year's best games may come out in October. Could these titles be finalists in most Game of the Year voting come the end of 2012...?

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joab7772293d ago

It's gonna b split this year. Each magazine and website will have a different winner. Actually, last year game informer broke mold and chose skyrim which was strange because they gave Batman a better score...a perfect 10. First time I have noticed that. It will b similar this year. Borderlands 2 will b mentioned. Darksiders 2 may surprise us all. My top 3 this year so far are dragons dogma, kingdoms of amalur and mass effect 3. Despite it's ending, it should be considered. Though, if I had to put down money, it would b on AC3. Halo 4 may surprise us too.and who knows, gta5 hasn't been ruled out yet.