Photorealistic Graphics are Holding Back Gaming

Scott from The Controller Online writes: "I’ve been thinking about the issue of photo-realism in game visuals versus budget and innovation, for a while but I hadn’t really been able to think of a way to present the argument until now. I mean, it’s going to seem foolish to suggest that advances in graphical technology could be bad for the video game industry. It’s not the fantastic visuals of a game like L.A Noire that I’m railing against, it’s the idea that we should be relying on them as the norm that worries me."

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Roper3162319d ago

could not careless about photorealistic graphics, just give me great game play with a deep compelling story/characters and I am a happy camper.

hennessey862317d ago

any day, but nice visuals are a must in certain games

SnakeCQC2317d ago

all boundries should be pushed and these photo realistic sell well and have repalay value(im mainly speaking about the rockstar games along with qauntic dream etc)

GTRrocker6662317d ago

Gameplay, deep characters and story is what I care about