Activision Comments on Bringing An Online Free-To-Play Call of Duty To The Western Audience

MP1st - Eric Hirshberg, Chief Executive Officer of Publishing Unit, comments on the thought of bringing a micro-transaction-based Call of Duty title to Western audiences.

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Wizziokid2361d ago

yeah no thanks, no more COD there are better free-to-play FPS games

deerain2361d ago

yep like the upcoming Planetside 2

Ben_Grimm2361d ago

Hahaha, F2P? Except you need to pay to play on most maps, use clans, modify weapons, change your characters look, add weapons, change classes, get perks, and anything else that would progress the game.

F2P is a joke thanks to the zynga model which I'm sure Activision would follow and expand upon with their CoD title.

JBSleek2361d ago

That isn't fair to call all of F2P a joke off of one company.

That is like saying Horror games are a joke because of Amy or FPS are all a joke over Duke Nukem forever.

StayStatic2361d ago

No lol , some of the best games this year are F2P and if anyone is a joke it is Activsion , I certainly don't trust them to construct a F2P model as they will turn it into a Pay2Win Model like the greedy sods they are.

LAWSON722360d ago

F2P is not a joke play tribes ascend or even blacklight retribution. And the upcoming planetside 2 looks to be one of the best shooters of the year.

StayStatic2360d ago

Can't wait for Planetside 2 :)

joab7772361d ago

Everything will b f2p at some point in the future and consoles will cost $99. The trick is that u will be paying a monthly subscription like ur smartphone. Games will be free, but u will pay out the nose in small transactions that u will not even notice, like mobile games. Cod won't b like that for a bit, but it will slip and convert. This model gets a console in everyone's house like cellphones did. The more consoles, the more money. And this is why Microsoft and Sony have tried so hard to create a complete entertainment device, so that u buy ur movies, games, and music from them. It's brilliant actually. But it will b a pain. They will most likely offer full retail prices alongside the f2p option.

HmongAmerican2361d ago

If they decide to do this, it's better be something different from the console version. After all console is what get them to where they are today. unfortunately, knowing Activison they don't care.