New Rock Band DLC On The Way For Jan 29

We just got a very important news tip and that is new Rock Band DLC is on the way here are the following

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mighty_douche4373d ago

Oooooh new DLC, cool! Even better if they release the game! UK FTL.... : (

gogators4372d ago

isn't more covers of Rush. Why anyone even tries to release covers for Rush is beyond me. No one can sing like Geddy can. The cover for Brass in my Pocket was actually pretty good, though.

Lord_Ash4372d ago

If I'm not mistaken, I think in Limelight they tuned down the key in the cover so anyone can sing it. still I would prefer the originals (at least the Rush covers aren't as bad as the Iron Maiden covers).

By the way if your asking yes working man is a cover.

Lord_Ash4372d ago

Too bad PSN gets it on Thursday, that's when I get it. They could have picked a better song for Rush, but I'm not complaining they already gave me Limelight.

BigBadPolo4372d ago

The way I understood it the only time they use covers in Rock Band is when there is no workable master and I’d have to assume this is the case with Working man and the Coheed song. It happens, not much Harmonix can do about it beyond not using the songs period. That would be a shame as this is a great little pack here. Three good songs and cover or not, more RUSH is a good thing for a game like Rock Band, lol.

Lord_Ash4372d ago

I remember in an interview someone from Harmonix said the other reason they might use a cover instead of an original is if they want to change something in the song like the length or the key of the song, a good example of that is “Can you hear me knocking” on GH2 they toke out more than 2 minutes of the song (the sax solo part) I know it’s a different game but I’m just making an example.

But in the case of Rush I think as you said the songs are too old and they didn’t find the master tracks (although there was a re-mastered best of released in 2003), another reason is maybe the band/label don’t want to give them the masters and I think that’s the case of the Iron Maiden songs since we know for sure the master tracks are available and in top quality.

Totally agree with you that as long as they are good songs we shouldn’t care if it’s a cover or not (unless it’s a total POS cover lol).

Delive4372d ago

I would love to get this game, but between the songs that came with the game and the DLC, I know about 3 songs. Not worth $169.00. I wish they would see there is a whole market waiting to embrace this game, but need to have music they know to encourage them to take the leap. Until they branch out form the Hard rock, they will never realize their potential.

va_bank4372d ago

It also doesn't seem to have too much to offer to rock fans over 25. I still love this game, but after unlocking all the songs, I'm thinking GH3 may have been a better choice for me. I'm only talking about music - the concept of having drums and a mic, still makes it a better game.

Delive4372d ago

It's like they are scared to offend their hard core fanbase to put a well balanced mix of music on the game. Maybe another dev will step up and do the right thing for all, no matter how hard it may be to pull off.

Lord_Ash4371d ago

I have to disagree with you, GH3 set list is by far the worst, most of the songs are lame and boring, I mean sure you can break your hands shredding but whats the point of shredding if the song sucks (and annoy the hell out of you, yes I'm looking at you "Holiday in Cambodia").

Now not all of the songs are bad, the last 2 sets were pretty good, and some of the bonus tracks were amazing, but still me and my wife got sick of it so fast and went back to play GH2 until Rock Band arrived, playing the drums is a whole level of fun.

We haven't played any GH since...

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