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"Rainbow Moon is your traditional grid-based strategy RPG (developed by SideQuest Studios and published by EastAsiaSoft for the PS3), wherein you’ll lead a group of heroes out into the battlefield. Before you can do all that, however, you must know your place and what you’re doing there. You are Baldren, who has been cursed by an enemy. Baldren has been stranded in a foreign, unknown world – and there’s also an open dimensional gate, through which your enemies are constantly emerging. You’ll find soon find this multitude of foes and go on the attack, accumulating experience points and items to use in later battles. To return home you have to find a number of artifacts in the Rainbow Moon dungeons to create a dimensional gate staff, but only after closing the gate."

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negroguy2319d ago

Such a good game, I can't stop playing.

r212319d ago

agreed, ten hours and counting :D

GribbleGrunger2319d ago

Agreed, 95 hours into it and not close to completion yet

Capt-FuzzyPants2319d ago

5 hours from that trophy then.

Skate-AK2319d ago

Damn dude I don't even have that much gameplay time on Skyrim.

ShadyDevil2317d ago

Love this game. So much fun.