Nintendo Wii Price And Release Date Announced Before September

Those of you who are waiting on Nintendo to give imminent details of the official price and the release date of their upcoming Wii console will find themselves a little disappointed.At today's Nintendo business briefing in Tokyo, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced that the company will unveil the price and release date for the Wii at the very latest by September. As always rumors are circulating around the Internet stating that Nintendo is now looking in launch the console in December, just in peak time for the yearly Christmas rush. If this turns indeed turn out to be true then it appears Nintendo will allow Sony a one month head-start on its Playstation 3 console.

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RealDoubleJ6210d ago

Nintendo must be running on a very confident high seeing as 75% of the industry seems to be buzzing about the Wii and more and more polls are showing an increasing consumer curiosity over the new console. Giving Sony a one month lead would not hurt sales AS LONG AS they have interactive console booths set up in stores the month before (you know, when the PS3 is out).

schnodder6210d ago

i think it doesn't matter if it's coming out in december. all the people will still buy it.

Anerythristic266210d ago

Wow , Nintendo has thier sh!^ together. They seem to be on a much more focused and confident course than Sony. Good!

ken62716209d ago

By will not be able to find a ps3 the Wii will be fine...

PS360PCROCKS6205d ago

Oh are you kidding me, lol if these little things are easy to make and they can manufacture alot of them, oh yea they will kick the PS3's as* during christmas time, the 360 and Wii will sell more consoles this christmas than PS3, Sony's lying, they'll have like 100,000 consoles total probably. The Wii is cheaper on parents, funner for children, better for kids and totally interactive, it's a parents dream, this is the world's machine, all ages can use this machine, I'll actually let my 6 yr old nephew play this one, I won't let him touch my 360, lol like he could figure out how to play FNR3 anyway, not to mention the controller is bigger than both his hands put together.