Would Mario games benefit from a better storyline?

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The Mario formula is starting to see repetition too often. Even 2D Mario games need to slowly evolve. Is adding a better story one of the ways Nintendo should seek to improve or is it a bad idea?

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NukaCola2271d ago

As a platformer, Mario's Save the Princess Storyline works fine. No need for one to really pop. They sort of started adding more story to Sunshine and Galaxy and it didn't do anything to improve the game. Sunshine was ok, but Galaxy was amazing. And that is were Mario platformers always the gameplay.

But that isn't to say Mario doesn't have story. The Mario and Luigi games are brilliant and always full of funny and charming dialog and tales. They are great in story.

Paper Mario games have too a great story line and the games build on a pretty deep basis.

Then of course Mario RPG...which is just a classic.

schlanz2271d ago

Exactly. Platformers don't really need stories in fact I prefer my platforming to not have much in the way of a story, if anything it should be subliminal. Look at some of the best platformers of recent memory.. Outland, Splosion man/Ms Splosion Man, Rayman Origins, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Meatboy... none of those games have particularly deep storylines nor do they need them. Platformers are first and foremost about fun, imaginative gameplay and environments with pinpoint perfect controls.

If you want story with a Mario game look no further than any of the RPG Mario games. RPGs absolutely need to be story driven and Nintendo doesn't slouch with either the Paper Mario or M&L games' stories. Some of the most humorous dialogue and outlandish story elements in Mario's illustrious history have been from these series.

JoshEngen2271d ago

Save the princess is a classical storyline that's practically programmed into human psychology.

treesmurf112271d ago

Short answer: No, it depends on the type of game you're playing and Mario games are traditionally light, jump in and play pieces of fun, I can't ever see a reason why the core Mario games at least would need a deep, absorbing storyline.

PopRocks3592271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

I've got a good idea.

Mario meets a silver colored doppelganger from another time period who believes he is the "Iblis Trigger." In the midst of all of this, instead of Peach, he falls in love with a hedgehog princess.

You can see where I'm going with this. Intensifying the story doesn't always lead to good results. Another example of this is Kingdom Hearts' spinoff games.

That said the other side can technically work and there is a number of Mario RPG games (Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi) that prove it.

Alos882271d ago

Not if it negatively impacts the rest of the game. To be honest it's Mario, we aren't expecting a grand sweeping narrative.

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