New Halo 4 Characters Shown via McFarlane Figures

Some new Halo 4 characters have been unveiled courtesy of the first images of McFarlane's Halo 4 series 2 figures. Also on display are new enemies and Spartan IV armour variants.

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Gamerpeanuts2271d ago

Whoa!! The Storm Jackals look really cool! The Ranger and Spartan with the CIO helm looks really bada$$! The people working on it put some work into this game. The Metroid Prime like concept characters (If you didnt know, ex-Metriod Prime guys are helping 343) shows and fits well with Halo...343 color me impressed!


Well now, how bout a little less macfarlane toys and alot more actually game play

Convas2271d ago

Man oh man, 343I has outdone themselves with this game. The jackal and Elite look AMAZING! Halo 4 finally has that gritty, stylized sci-fi look that people have been criticizing the past entries for not having. Alien, yet beautiful, Mysterious, yet familiar. DAY ONE!

LAWSON722271d ago

That jackal looked awesome and I cant wait for this game.

otherZinc2270d ago

Agreed. Cant wait!

I listen to as many Halo podcasts as I possibly can getting hyped for this game.