Grid 2: The Race Returns - Release Date Leaked Via Official Website

DSOGaming writes: "Taking a closer look at Grid’s official website - in other words, it's source code - reveals some new, interesting information about the release date of the game."

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Hufandpuf2321d ago


LackTrue4K2320d ago

i love this game1!!!!!
but i only see its for pc?! has they said anything about it coming out on the ps3 like the first one did?!?

fatalred alarm2321d ago

1 is still the best racing game ever...Perfect combination of realism and arcade racing.

day 1 for me aswell, no question.

TedCruzsTaint2321d ago

I have been waiting for this game for a long, long time.

Was never a huge fan of racing games, but the original GRID took up so much playtime. They did so much right with that game.

Paballo2321d ago

wow being awaiting this sequel for a long time.If code masters can improve this game sequel they way they did Dirt1 with their Neon engine then we are in for treat.
Grid is a perfect blend of arcade and simulation...
Hope the vastly increase the amount of cars and manufacturers as Forza and GT5 have made great strides since their inception.

Hicken2321d ago

Is it "leaked" if it's on the official website?

john22321d ago

It is when it's hidden from the public ;)