The Last Of Us: 7 reasons why this is where next gen starts

The Last Of Us isn’t just the next thing from Naughty Dog, it’s a game from a developer at the peak of their skills on a machine they’ve mastered. The next generation isn’t just about power, its about fresh storytelling and new concepts. Something The Last Of Us is full of: this is where next gen starts.

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Stuart57562321d ago

Naughty Dog have introduced new IP's on new machines in the past, so this is unusual for them, to me it's a welcome change for a great looking new game on a console that is far from over with! Sony really are spoiling the core audience this gen.

Hufandpuf2321d ago

So if PS4 came out next year, you wouldn't buy it?

zeeshan2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

There are two games that I simply can't wait to play. The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls, however, I believe that we NEED new consoles! Enough is enough already. I don't care how long Sony and M$ support current gen game consoles. I need to see new tech in action. Imagine what developers like Naughty Dogs, Quantic Dreams, Sony Santa Monica, Guerrilla Games will achieve on PS4 if they can pull such amazing games on old hardware, they'll simply blow us away when Sony hands them a shiny new toy called PS4 :)

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sikbeta2321d ago


Should have been a PS4 title, it's either keep getting new PS3 games or buying a PS4 with new games, not both, not all people would support 2 consoles at the same time...

HammadTheBeast2320d ago

@Sikbeta Thats the beauty of Sony's plan, they will probably continue to support PS3 after the PS4 release, so that they still make money, and gamers have the option to switch maybe 1-1.5 years after the PS4's release, which means a whole new library og games waiting for them. Either way, the PS3 investment pays off.

Outside_ofthe_Box2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

I wouldn't buy it. I'd buy it a year or two later AFTER the system has a solid library of games, AFTER all the hardware issues are fixed, and possibly AFTER the price drops.

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Ramas2321d ago

this game looks promising though i am not noughty dog fan, uncharted for me is the game that you complete in one day and throw away and by throw away i mean sell asap on ebay. (multyplayer is not my thing)
Single player is fun, but it is like tipical holywood action movie that you watch one time kinda like it, but dont want to watch it again.

fei-hung2321d ago

For me, I have to play through it atleast 2/3 times.

The first run through is quick, just to see how the story comcludes.

The second run through is slow, to absorb the amazing locations and art put into the game and to collect all the treasures.

The 3rd usually is on a higher difficulty.

For the very same reason as the one you stated, it is like a fun summer Blockbuster, I think it makes games like it want to be played again and again for those awesome set pieces and action moments. Generally speaking, people like to relive thrills and exciting moments and Uncharted series is full of them.

HammadTheBeast2320d ago

I'd probably play it more than once, just in different playstyles. Try Stealth the first time, completely all out the second time and maybe a mix later on.

Ramas2320d ago

for stealth i play metal gear :)

JBSleek2321d ago

Last of Us isn't the standard we should necessarily look forward to as the next generation standard. It hasn't even come out yet.

Hicken2320d ago

No "next-gen" game is out yet; you start that search by speculating on upcoming games. The Last of Us is clearly a game that warrants that speculation, and you could argue for Watch_Dogs, as well.

If The Last of Us ISN'T the standard- or at least close to it, from what we've seen- then tell me, what game IS? What other game coming out late in this gen makes you say, "A game's gotta be at least THIS GOOD to be considered next gen?" There's Watch_Dogs and... what else?

FATAL1TY2321d ago

amazing gameplay, graphics, sounds, atmosphere, characters...

Naughty Dog is KING

Puddlejumper752321d ago

"This is where next gen starts"

On a current gen console.
That really is sad but whats saddest is the amount of people who will defend that.

LNDCalling2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

The lines between gen's are somewhat blurred... and imo for the next gen this will be even more true.. hence the reluctance of MS or Sony to reveal next gen consoles yet.

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