Zelda Retrospective #8 - An Adventure For You & Your Friends

ZI writes: The Legend of Zelda franchise isn’t necessarily one that people expect to contain multiplayer features, but when you get the option to play Zelda with friends, there’s no doubt you and your friends are in for a blast!

Back upon the re-release of a Link to the Past on the GameBoy Advance, Nintendo included a 2nd game known as Four Swords, downside, it was only playable if you had two people, two copies of LttP + FS, two GBA’s/1 GBA + GameCube w/GBA Player add-on, and a link cable.

Not everyone had friends that were capable of playing Four Swords with everyone, but those that did were treated small little adventure that could last hours. The game was notably more fun if you had a full party of 4 players, but it was a tad hectic at the same time.

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