NPD Confirms Huge Blu-ray Share Jump

Market research firm The NPD Group confirmed numbers sent to members earlier this month showing Blu-ray Disc player sales accounted for 90 percent of dedicated HD disc player unit sales and dollar volume during the week ending Jan. 12, but the firm wasn't ready to declare a trend resulting from Warner Bros.' HD DVD defection.

Several media outlets leaked the sales numbers last Wednesday without confirmation from NPD, executives from the firm told TWICE. This publication received the same numbers from unnamed sources, but elected to wait to release the data until NPD could verify its accuracy and provide perspective.

NPD, which broke from policy to comment on its weekly share data, confirmed that dedicated HD DVD player share dropped precipitously compared to dedicated Blu-ray models during the week ending Jan. 12, after being only slightly ahead of HD DVD the week ending Jan. 5. Video game consoles were not part of the study.

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DADO4373d ago

The format war is over!


So Toshiba would be plain dumb...

Toshiba know they have lost, they just don't want to let the BD win, at least not by now. This can go eigher way, Toshiba maintain cheap players ruining the phisical media market as long as they can or give up and go make some profit over BD bandwagon. It depends just on where they earn more... Since Toshiba has nothing to do with music on demand business, I have a guess that if Sony accept MS interaction platform on BD, Toshiba will just join too.