Six Left 4 Dead custom campaigns we demand on Xbox 360

OXM - Don't stop with Cold Stream, Valve.

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zeal0us2319d ago

I'm curious how is that Bioware(or some other companies) can provide free DLC but MS won't allow Valve(or some other companies) to do the same?

ChunkyLover532319d ago

The thing is that it costs money to put these things on the console. The first DLC for Left 4 Dead was actually free on Xbox 360.

I believe the free DLC is still paid for by the company, they probably just pay a bit more to make it free on consoles.

Ben_Grimm2319d ago

I'm sure a lot of these developers were bitchin about MS but wasnt giving the full story. Not to mention members of this site who leaned on the other side hyped it up and made it seem that MS has policies to NEVER allow free DLC which is untrue to anyone who owns an Xbox360.

LAWSON722318d ago

I think you need to get the sand out of your eyes. MS is not making money by sucking up to their customers. They are making money by making people like you think they are the best and will do anything to satisfy their customers. They are like any other big company, out to make as much money as they can because they all ready have many ppl that will buy their products without thinking twice.

Ben_Grimm2316d ago


Thank you for that non-informative, crybaby rant that had nothing to do with what i was saying.

Please try again.

rufusman912319d ago

Why not just add modding compatabilty to the 360? UT3 did it with the PS3.

Pandamobile2319d ago

Because that would a be a massive undertaking for Valve and probably result in legal issues.

LAWSON722318d ago

Why not buy a $300 computer that can easily run games made by valve, that's the real question.

-Mezzo-2319d ago

If they can bring 1, they can bring them all, and they should if the fans want it.

Minato-Namikaze2319d ago

I demand L4D on ps3 so I can play it. (my pc is reserved for RTS's)


L4D still going strong :)

LAWSON722318d ago

Like every other valve game.

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