Battlefield 4 Should Launch on Xbox 720 and PS4?

Battlefield 4 announcement was not the way Battlefield community expected it to be, and as a result it was not that well received by fans and critics across the globe.

Many gave the verdict that its way too early and fans are not at all ready for new Battlefield game mainly, as the last content for Battlefield 3 is schedule to arrive in March 2013 for Premium subscriber. And so this leave only few empty months before Battlefield Community prepare to buy Battlefield 4 in Fall.

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Solans Scott2360d ago

A launch title for new consoles wouldnt be a bad idea. I think the incentive would be huge.

Hisiru2360d ago

I think it should launch for PS4, x720 and WiiU.

Hellsvacancy2360d ago

I want to personally see another Bad Company game this gen, save BF4 for next gen

decrypt2360d ago

well they shouldnt delay the game incase the console makers cant make up their mind when to release the next boxes. the game should release on pc. a lite version can be launched for the current consoles too just like bf3. the game shouldnt be delayed just because ms and sony are slow.

Trenta272360d ago

It would sell so much, especially if CoD isn't a launch title. It would gather a lot of fans. That is if it's any good.

Tonester9252360d ago

PS4 better be backward compatible! lol

cedaridge2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

1 word YES YES YES! DAME AJ on WWE is sexy. anyway BF4 on ps4, xb720, and Wii U good idea.

seanpitt232360d ago

took the words right out of my mouth 64 players not 24 thats what bf all about

SnakeCQC2360d ago

id prefer a new bad company as a launch game

phantomexe2360d ago

God i love battlefield. In fact here in a few mins i'm going live on it all day. Wife not geting the ps3 today.

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The story is too old to be commented.