Resident Evil 6 Creators Talk About Ada Wong, And Warn Players Not To Get Too Gung-Ho In Agent Hunt

Kotaku - With the release of Resident Evil 6 only two months away, more and more information and footage is being released, I may not even need to play the game to find out all the "mysteries…" With the latest information of Ada Wong as one of the playable protagonists, the producers sat down for an interview in this week's Weekly Famitsu to talk about the new scenario.

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Lord_Sloth2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

I'm still waiting for my damn demo on the PS3, Capcom, you bias douches!

Also, solo campaign should please people and I'm curious as to how this "Agent Hunt" works. Sounds like Perfect Dark's "Counter Operative" mode. Oh that was so much fun. XXXD

Skate-AK2267d ago

They aren't biased. They released characters for SFxT on PS3 that you can't even get for 360. The demo came with a 360 game that's mulitplatform so that has to do with Microsoft.

Lord_Sloth2267d ago

The demo is still with the PS3 version as well. Our codes just won't work until September which is stupid.

I can't speak for TxSF as Cole is a Sony Character and that isn't simply Capcom.

WeskerChildReborned2267d ago

Will their be a public beta for people who didn't buy Dragon's Dogma?

DarkBlood2267d ago

i think i heard a public demo wont come till release date of the game itself, hope im wrong but a shame either way

still going to get the game so the demo wouldnt have made any difference