First look at the $300 Resident Evil 6 3Way Holster Bag

An online retailer has provided a first look at the upcoming 3Way Holster Bag that is based on the multiplatform survival-horror game, Resident Evil 6.

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GamerElite2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

300 for that pos. What, is it made by Gucci? . I guess you can wear it over your $1300 Leon jacket and look like the biggest sucker. And after that, they will include matching underwear and socks

Christopher2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

That is.... really really really really really really really overpriced. Unless it's stuffed with $270, not even close to considering it.

- It's small as heck
- It's not made out of sturdy textile (not leather or canvas)
- The straps are thin and weak and offer no padding for shoulder wear
- The stitching looks weak and minimal as far as stitching
- You could get the same thing buying a $30 tablet case/bag and sewing on some $5-10 Resident Evil patches.

Edit: The just as low quality looking brief case bag is only $695! /s

GamerElite2269d ago

There is no way in hell a polyester bag that size would cost $300. Capcom must be high when the come up with these outrageous prices.

Roper3162268d ago

you do realize the straps are not included and will be locked in a pocket inside the bag, you will need to buy a unlock key to use the straps. /jk

cero552268d ago

For that price that bag better have Resident evil 7-10 inside it.

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