Gears Of War Multiplayer Details

A few Gears Of War multiplayer details have emerged via a recent article in Electronic Gaming Monthly.

* Multiplayer Modes: Warzone: 4v4 Elimination
* Assassination: Your team needs to kill the opposing team's leader
* Execution: You must perform an execution mode to finish off your opponent A few other tidbits

* Other: Ranking is by points, not kills. You do get points for each kill, but you also get scored for executions, reviving teammates, melee hits, chain saw kills, head shots with the sniper rifle, doing any type of damage, or grenade-tagging someone.

* Each of the eight multiplayer maps has a certain theme to it (Mansion: destructible cover with the ratty old couches; Gas Station: explosive sections of the level; and so on). Train Station's gimmick is a speedy locomotive that barrels down the middle of the stage every minute or so, killing everything in its path.

* When a teamate dies they enter a "bleeding out" phase where they can be revived unless the timer runs out or they are "executed". This is for SP and MP

* Single-player achievements can be earned in co-op:
o The Nuge: Kill enough people with Torque bow
o Cluster Luck: Simultaneous grenade kills
o Is it a Spider?: Grenade tagging
o 100,000 online kills
o Collecting dog tags scattered around campaign

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FeralPhoenix5910d ago

First I'm gonna kick some Locust butt then I'm going on to get online and kick those slow little punks that call themselve gamers all over XBL! mmmwwwahaharr! No seriously, I'm really not that annoying on Live, I'm just kidding 'cause I can't wait to play this game and the multiplayer stuff sounds cool.

bizzy125910d ago

i cant wait to chainsaw every body on live team work is all you need when mqn down one cover and the other revive

Scrooge5910d ago

And I can't wait to be chainsawed over and over again!

Balance5910d ago

I will be right there with you. those multi-player modes sound like alot of fun

TheMART5910d ago

Hell yeah I hope to read reviews of the lucky few that will play it on X06!

kewlkat0075910d ago

Whos the Zoidy guy posting lame on all xbox 360 articles now. There is always at least one disgruntle sonyfanboy. Anyhow this looks like alot of fun online. Can't wait.

TheMART5910d ago

Well there was only one before and that one has been banned... I won't mention any names but it could be the king of the hillbillie boys of all PS fans! ;)

Well I won't look at it any more. This game can't be lame. Never. It's the hottest game of the coming months, even the next whole year

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