AusGamers Resident Evil 6 Developer Interview with Kobayashi, Hirabayashi and Sasaki

Despite giving development duties to a number of their key franchises to Western developers (Lost Planet, Devil May Cry, Dead Rising), Capcom Japan revealed in an interview with AusGamers that the core Resident Evil series (read: numbered iterations), could not be made out of Japan and that it was something they didn't "really see happening".

"I think it’s something that Capcom here in Japan can only make," said capcom mainstay, Kobayashi-san, when speaking with AusGamers.

The full interview also covers what the Resi 6 team considers horror, developing against the legacy of Resident Evil 4, and how Resident Evil 6 fits in the grand scheme of their massive universe.


The original title post here was "Capcom Would Never Hand Over the Core Resident Evil Series to a Western Developer", but it was changed... Just letting everyone know.

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PopRocks3592270d ago

Nice to know Devil May Cry deserves none of that care and recognition.

crxss2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Never say never. capcom's dug themselves in a hole, in a few years if they ever give RE over to a western developer guarantee this interview will pop up again

Treian2270d ago

this would make RE better than the lame series it is now...

arbitor3652270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

what would it matter, capcom? you have already casualized and watered down RE6 as much as possible, to the point where it is basically just a third person action game. I dont see how we could mess it up any worse.

true, dead space 3 is being ruined with all the co-op crap and being essentially turned into an action shooter. but you guys already did that 3 or 4 years ago with RE5.

billythepunk2270d ago

I think it's way too early to assume a game of the magnitude of Resi 6 has been "essentially turned into an action shooter". I played the Ada missions recently in osaka and with those, and the Leon missions alone, nothing could be further from the truth.

I think people need to understand that showing games to press, via trailers or premiering at press events does not constitute the whole experience you'll get with the game when it actually launches

oldfriend862270d ago

There's nothing Capcom can do to make games better, all of their greatest people left. They should just shut their company down and sell all their licenses to their original creators.

Besides, Capcom themselves want to change the core RE games to fit the mass idiots out there, while outsourcing side-story crap that will still make money for its namesake; all to just make money and nothing else.

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The story is too old to be commented.