OXCGN’s Professor Pym and the Secret of Steam iOS KidGamer Review: Steampunk Spinning on Apple


"Whenever I think of puzzle games I think Tetris (boring!) but this game impressed me a lot.

Professor Pym and the Secret of Steam from developer Naoplay is what I would call a puzzle platformer.

From jumping off walls to a moving wheel and then on to another, or missing your jump and drowning in toxic steam, this game has all the elements and more that a puzzle platformer game needs on smartphones.

Better yet, the first 10 levels are free."

gaminoz4339d ago

I'm amazed how much fun I can have on my iPhone. The trouble is locating which of the billions of apps are fun!

BadCircuit4339d ago

It's good to get a kid perspective because all my kids have an ipod touch.

BootHammer4338d ago

Puzzle platformer huh...sounds fun!

Eske4338d ago

"Drowning in toxic steam" eh? Sounds adult enough.

TheSuperior 4335d ago

This sounds really really fun, i think i am going to have to try it out :)


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