Planetside 2 Beta starting on Monday Aug. 6th

Original Gamer: "After months of wondering when it'll start, the Planetside 2 Beta is finally happening. Sony Online Entertainment's President John Smedley tweeted that the beta will be rolling out on Monday at 2pm, although what time zone that would be in was not given."

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Shoshoman2268d ago

I signed up for the Beta about 2 months ago. The game looks fun, but I've never played the original or (of course) this.

deerain2268d ago

Your in for a treat the original was great but the lag was annoying, this looks sooo much better.

lonesoul652267d ago

they finally got the lag under control for he most part...the biggest problem with the first one was that half the people then still used 56k modems = P

negroguy2268d ago

Sweet mother of God I am ready

rufusman912268d ago

John Smedly, president of Sony Online Entertainment, did a IAMA on Reddit, he talks alot about PS2 and the beta.

LightofDarkness2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

My body is... no, it's not right. A simple "yay" shall suffice. YAY!

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