Way Of The Samurai 4 Release Date Announced For PS3

Xseed Games has announced the release date for the Playstation 3 exclusive, Way of the Samurai 4.

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NastyLeftHook02269d ago

Yes! i love the way of the samurai series!

Snookies122268d ago

Same here man, same here... The first Way of the Samurai is in my top ten favorite PS2 games no doubt. It's sad to see we won't get any physical copies of the game, but I just thank Xseed for at least getting us the digital version outside of Japan. About the only company I've gone out of my way to actually send an email to thank them for all they've done lately as they really deserve it.

NastyLeftHook02268d ago

there games are so underrated huh, anyways yeah i agree, they do deserve it.

DivineAssault 2269d ago

An eternal fate link for the pc & mac?

rdgneoz32269d ago

I was like, "yay a release date announced." Clicked link and wtf?

r212269d ago

dafuq? where's the article and how did this get approved?

OOG2269d ago

seems like the wrong article from the site was linked found this on there

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