Batman Arkham City GOTY and The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition heavily discounted

An online retailer is currently offering substantial discounts for Batman: Arkham City Game of The Year Edition (PS3 and 360) and The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings Enhanced Edition (360).

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RXL2271d ago

why is the ps3 version 14 dollars more than the 360 version?..wtfrenchtoast?

Skate-AK2271d ago

I've seen a couple 360 games cost more than the same game on PS3 too. My guess is that it sells better for that system.

Crazyglues2271d ago

probably just a glitch, but if you click on the 43 new right under the price you will see the first seller is Amazon for 29.99 free shipping for prime members..

so you can still get it for that price..


Crazyglues2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Seriously, it's like some Game God genie is just waiting to rain on my parade... I just bought Batman: Arkham City off eBay for 27 bucks... Why, why do you do this to me Amazon, I thought we were friends.. LoL

I would have loved to get this Game of the year for 29.99 bucks -lucky for me my friend had all the DLC so I just downloaded it from him...

I don't know why I never bought this game, it's amazing I'm loving it... didn't like batman 1 demo so never got into the game..

but this one is awesome.. Loving it. I just need the batman beyond suit that's the only one I don't have.. -and the only one I really wanted.


WeskerChildReborned2271d ago

Yea the GOTY for that much is great.