No More DLC Planned For Soul Calibur V

Project Soul has released the final batch of content for Soul Calibur V.

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Yi-Long2360d ago

.... so will there now finally be a 'complete' release so some of us might actually pick it up!?

NovusTerminus2360d ago

Namco doesn't normally do "Ultimate Edition" release... And the DLC is one character that was not interesting, and a bunch of CaS stuff... Nothing to really change the game.

No need for an extra edition of the game.

SOD_Delta2360d ago

I wouldn't recommend SCV even with all the DLC. I did not like that game. It had a awful story mode, no new interesting characters, and laggy online. SCV is my biggest disappointment of 2012.

Darrius Cole2360d ago

Ninja Gaiden 3 would be the biggest disappointment of 2012.

However, I did not like the way SCV abandoned all of the characters.

Yi-Long2360d ago

... I guess I'll just skip it altogether then.

I had a bit of interest in the game when it just came out, but didn't pick it up cause of all the DLC nickel-and-diming, and I guess I didn't miss anything.

SOD_Delta2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

@ Darrius Cole I said "My" biggest disappointment not "The".

@ Yi-Long Yea you saved some money by not getting it. Good call.

Ashunderfire862360d ago

Laggy online? SCV had the best Netcode for fighting games online ever!!!! And guest what other game is also using this netcode... Tekken Tag Tournament 2!!! Mortal Kombat's game developers should be taking notes.

hot4play2360d ago

Actually, SCV is the BEST Soul Calibur game to date (IMHO) in terms of gameplay mechanics and balance of characters. It just plays so fast and fluid and winning requires strategy.

I agree though that the Story mode is lacking but I have to say SCV is the best fighting game for me (so far) this year (local 2 player matches are so fun!)

I also agree (to some extent) about the DLC, but these are just actually extra costumes and parts for character creation and therefore is not really needed to enjoy the game.

The Character Creation is really fun once you sink you teeth into it. You can even recreate (for those who are complaining) old characters in it. Personally, I recreated Li Long, Rock, Taki, Sophitia & Seong Mina there so I dont know where the complaints of "abandoned characters" are coming from.

jetlian2360d ago

just played it yesterday its not that great. Infact I didnt notice much new from the old characters. I got 185 Achieve pts and normally I try for 300 ,not this time!

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Gran Touring2360d ago

So i guess that rules out bringing back the rest of the cast from SC4 then...

nightcrawler2360d ago

i will wait for part VI :)

Lord_Sloth2360d ago

Launch Chronicles of the Sword DLC and I shall buy it.