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With the 10th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts this year, Square Enix takes to Nintendo’s portable console once more, this time in 3D. Not only does the game look right at home on the 3DS system, it plays fantastically and is a must have for Kingdom Hearts and 3DS owners everywhere...

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TheSuperior 2295d ago

I want to play this so bad. Great review!

Qrphe2295d ago

Games like these are proof that Square Enix sucks!!!

Game looks great and feedback says so as well! Getting it definitely
My ONLY complaint would be the inclusion of Tron. I know Tron is part of Disney so they could use it but it's nowhere as "magical" as contemporary Disney films.

Hannah Montana film confirmed for KH3 guise

Ilovetheps42295d ago

I'm enjoying this game so much right now. I've been playing it non stop since I got it on Tuesday. The game mechanics are real fun, especially flowmotion. The story is pretty good too. Overall a great game and one of the 3DS's best game.

rezzah2295d ago

I'm jealous, I wished it was also on the Vita.

But then again BBS was only on the PSP.

YoungPlex2295d ago

I'm really enjoying this game! It's right up there with part 1 and 2. Don't get me wrong, they did take a different approach in the series, but its a refreshing and welcomed edition to the franchise that's over a decade old! What people don't understand is that this is not a sequel but the story that sets up KH III and that its also on a handheld and not a console. My point is that despite being on a handheld, they managed to capture the true essence of the consoles counter part and in most cases better...

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