Call of Duty Elite Passes 12 Million Users

IGN- During its second quarter earnings call today, Activision revealed that more than 12 million people are now signed up for Call of Duty Elite, and 2.3 of those members have paid for a Premium account. The news comes just after Activision announced Modern Warfare 3’s final downloadable content earlier today, which will come to Premium Elite members first.

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daghost11252271d ago

12 million suckaz, I cant believe Activision tricked that many people into buying an elite pass...

metsgaming2271d ago

unfortunately im not suprised.

raytraceme2271d ago

battlefield 3 premium managed to sell 1.3 million which to me seems to be a better feat than cod managing 2.3 million and that's since nov.

Ducky2271d ago

... 12 million elite members. Elite is a free service.

Only 2.3 million of them bought the premium.

ChunkyLover532271d ago

Who cares what people spend their own money on? I guess we can all be hipsters now that COD is the best selling franchise and say we liked it before it was cool.

venom062271d ago

HA!!! aleast out of that 12 million only 2.3 are paying sheeple.. all that money to play MW2.3... and now, EVERYONE is raging and pissed with how garbage the game is.. that's Activision for ya..

-Alpha2271d ago


Hot damn.

Pieface082271d ago

12 mil gave away there money... dumb asses....

ambientFLIER2270d ago

Um, Elite is a free service and only 2.3 million out of 12 are paying customers. And you don't even know the difference between "their" and "there". Who's the dumbass in this case?

jdktech20102271d ago

actually only 2.3.....

I swear what point are articles these days...just type the headline and be done with it since that's all anyone ever reads anyway. Heck, it's even in the synopsis below.

Anyway, I'm glad I didn't purchase it because I'm not a fan of face off at all and I don't play spec ops as often as I should (good game mode) so it wouldn't have been worth it to me.

Though honestly, with as many copies as it sold to only get 2.3 is surprising. BF3 sold substantially less and got 1.3 to premium.

That's a major coup for EA but both are great services if you want the DLC anyway

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The story is too old to be commented.