Is Slender The Most Horrifying Game Of All Time?

'Slender is absolutely terrifying, as in it will give you nightmares terrifying. It is a free game, available to download here, that is based on the internet urban legend Slender Man. Compared to Slender Man, zombies are not scary, neither are vampires, goblins or ghouls. Maybe ghouls are a little bit scary, but if there was a battle between Slender Man and ghouls… Slender Man would win, hands down' writes Nancy Fallows

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StayStatic2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

I refuse to play it again ... for now lol , sure I could make it not scary by playing some music I like and playing it in broad day light , but that's no fun and would ruin the experience lol.

SilentNegotiator2268d ago

Then you've heard wrong. Scary, yes. Most horrifying, no.

bmxdrury2268d ago

I think SCP-087 is scarier

HarryMasonHerpderp2268d ago

I'm not trying to be a hipster by saying this but it's not that scary lol I got a few good jumps out of it but people are overreacting about how scary it is maybe because there are practically no horror games anymore everyone's jumping on the hype train.

Robochobo2268d ago

It's not about the jumpscare, it's about the buildup/tension. Collecting more pages leads to a more unsettling background track, which in turn caused fear and anxiety that Slender could pop out at any time. Hence why Amnesia was so popular, you never knew when something would lurk out of the shadows and touch you.

HarryMasonHerpderp2268d ago

I know I've played it numerous times and it's a great mod and it is scary, just saying it's not as scary as people are making out it's getting over-hyped.I mean the slender man himself looks silly and could be made to look scarier. Not hating on the game people I just think the claim "most horrifying game of all time" is stretching it a bit.

beerkeg2268d ago

I liked it, but I think the scariest game I've played is Cry of Fear, which is a mod for HL that was released this year.

Well it's actually a total conversion mod, but it's a game in its own right and I think the team responsible need to be funded from a publisher because they're very talented.

If anyone hasn't tried it yet give it a go, it's free after all. And it is really scary.

r212268d ago

its scary yes but not as scary as slender or amnesia as CoF had weapons and you could protect thus removing any sense of fear. still though, that mod was pretty freaky and scary.

Gambit_the_White2267d ago

Based on what I've seen from Cry of Fear, it's just jump scares over and over and over again. Psychological horror games are much, much better in my opinion.

level 3602268d ago

I have seen a review done over here by Good Game a program here in Oz, top marks they said, scare factor goes away completely though if you play it over again.

So I think the judgement is to play this only once.

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The story is too old to be commented.