Activision CEO says competition putting out "less than adequate" products

Following Activision Blizzard's earnings announcement, the publisher held its investors call to discuss its results and the industry at large. Chief Executive Bobby Kotick was asked by an analyst about the challenging marketplace this year and why sales have been down at retail.

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Godmars2902268d ago

"We might be doing badly, but everyone else is doing worse."


user54670072268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Before any one does it

"Adequate - Adjective: Satisfactory or acceptable in quality or quantity"

Awwww they think they actually make better products then there rivals.

Look EA are not the best company in the world but I'd rather buy anything they make before I touch their products

310dodo2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

i couldnt agree with you more!!

EA should never make products!!

stick with those delightful games!!


Hicken2268d ago

Oh, Activision. You're so silly.

310dodo2268d ago

EA is putting out better FPS games recently

Activision hasn't made a decent FPS since "world at war" IMO

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