World Of Warcraft – How It Has Almost Killed MMO Gaming

World Of Warcraft, the MMO Juggernaut which was created by Blizzard all those years ago is one of the most successful video games in history and is, without doubt, the most successful MMO – or Massively Multiplayer Online – game in existence.

Challengers for the title have come and gone over the years but none of them have managed to come close to taking the belt. This is because World of Warcraft has gone a long way toward destroying MMORPG’s

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Shoshoman2268d ago

If it makes you feel and better, I never played it. Not even when it went F2P. I have chuckled a bunch of times at the countless used copies of WoW Expansion Packs I find in thrift stores. I even spontaneously combust when I see a nine year old kid buy it for a dollar.

-MD-2268d ago

You can only go to level 20 for free, after that you need to pay monthly.

You won't even see 5% of the game if you aren't paying for it.

annus2268d ago

Used copies of expansions? What am I reading? Looks like your store is scamming everyone, or you are making crap up on the spot. Judging by your second sentence, I'll go with the latter.

exsturminator012268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Thrift stores. They sell used PC games as DVDs or CDs sometimes for a couple bucks. The folks behind the counter don't know anything about gaming when they buy your box of stuff for a few dollars, and the kids who buy them probably don't know they need a new CD key to play either. Its not a scam, its a junk shop, and some kids are buying junk for a buck, that's all.

DudeJets2268d ago

I read the article made some good points. But did just seem like a pissy rant at the same time.. Wow is a good game no matter which way you look at it.. I haven't played for years and I'm a former hardcore mmo gamer, legend of mir, lineage 2 etc. But most new mmo's suck. They rarely try to be original or just have terrible support.

jessupj2268d ago

It's another case of dumbing down the game for the casuals and ruining it for the people with the real passion for the hobby.

Guild Wars 2 comes out soon though, and while it might not be perfect, from what I read it's a step in the right direction.

DudeJets2268d ago

I canceled my pre order for it this morning I was bored shitless in the past 2 beta. And stress tests. At first it was great didn't last long though :(

Gamer19822268d ago

The problem with WoW nowadays is its over diluted with high levelled players meaning new players no longer get to go in the high level dungeons and raids as higher gearscore players will always get picked over them. Some will say thats not a problem you can just go out get better gear and raise your gearscore. But how are you suppose to raise it if you cannot get in the dungeon groups and raids to get the armour needed?

Thats whats ruined WoW it's now a game for the elites only in later levels and it's a shame as it was a decent MMO as it did most things right. You can also see it's dying too I wen't on my server the other day and there was 200 people on my European server 200!! Theres about 2 million registered people per server. I am on Blades Edge and the servers practically dead. Finding raiding groups is near impossible nowadays.