Dawnguard Now Available On PC, 'We Are Not Satisfied Yet With Dawnguard's Performance On PS3'

Bethesda has released an official statement about the PlayStation 3 version of the Dawnguard DLC on their blog and that the PC version is now available.

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DigitalRaptor2272d ago

Excuses, I have no time for these sell outs anymore. You've had more than a month extra time Bethesda, and years of experience with PS3 hardware with barely any noticeable improvement, which is shocking. Take MS's money and be gone!

BringingTheThunder2272d ago

better to hold it back than release a buggy version

shammgod2271d ago

they released a buggy version of Skyrim...why the change of heart here? They always half ass PS3 users

decrypt2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )


Blame Sony their Memory architecture. Games like Skyrim arent the corridor games like the usual Sony exclusives. Its not Bethesdas fault if Sony only had a vision to design a console that could run corridor games well.

PS3 memory architecture is so limiting. What do you expect the devs to do with the retarded split 512mb. Blame Sony for not carrying out any research when designing the PS3, Blame them for not concerning any of the devs. All Sony did was design the hardware without any consultation and threw it at the devs. It was retarded on Sony's part, not a mistake of Bethesda at all, If bethesda can can get the game working fine on the PC and 360 then why would they purposely gimp the PS3? its not like they dont want sales from that community.

@dob dole

Please use your mind before giving Infamous as an example. I knew it wouldnt take long for some PS3 fanboy to mention Infamous as an example. Does infamous have 100hundreds of items that you can pick up? In skyrim imagine you pick up an item from some place and you drop it at another it must register on the memory. Next time when you are back at that place the item is still there. This is a huge drain. PS3 just doesnt have the memory to cope. Its not Bethesdas fault at all.

In any case you can defend the PS3 all you like, bottomline is it cant play one of this gens best game. PS3 gamers can either keep crying about it or get a PC or Xbox.

Bob Dole2271d ago


Infamous 1 and 2 say hi to your "corridor games" theory.

StraightPath2271d ago

Agree with decrypt ps3 struggles to handle games like skyrim. Tl underpowered in memory.

Bob Dole2271d ago


Bob Dole gives you a 0/10 on the trollometer. You're trying too hard... or not hard enough. Either way you fail.

Blacktric2271d ago

"We are not satisfied yet with Dawnguard’s performance on the PS3."

Oh wow. So they were actually satisfied with Fallout 3 and Skyrim's performance on PS3 but not Dawnguard's? It must be a huge pile of sh*t at the moment then, considering Skyrim was a big pile of mess at the release on the PS3...

shammgod2271d ago

Capcom made a little glitch free game named Dragons Dogma. Huge world, thousands of items and 3 relatively intelligent AI characters that rolled around with you. Bethesda's developers are inferior to others

cpayne932271d ago

@Decrypt but you implied that the ps3 will have problems with every game that isn't a corridor game, and that simply isn't true. The only open world game with this sort of problem on ps3 is Skyrim. Even Fallout 3 only had minor differences on ps3 vs 360. Maybe Sony is to blame for the way the memory is set on the ps3, but I still think Bethesdas coding is partly to blame, after all, the patched version of Skyrim on ps3 runs far better than it did at launch.

2271d ago
brish2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )


"Blame Sony their Memory architecture. Games like Skyrim arent the corridor games like the usual Sony exclusives. Its not Bethesdas fault if Sony only had a vision to design a console that could run corridor games well."

Oblivion runs better on the ps3 than the xbox. Additionally Infamous 2 is an exclusive and one of the best looking open world games and it runs well.

Both the ps3, and xbox have corridor games. Examples for the ps3 are Killzone 2, and Uncharted 2. I have yet to see a game that looks more impressive on xbox than either of those games.

"PS3 just doesnt have the memory to cope. Its not Bethesdas fault at all."

The xbox, and ps3 have the same amount of ram. The Skyrim issues specific to the ps3 have already been patched. The game still has problems on both consoles.

For example, look on the bethesda's xbox forums:

"bottomline is it cant play one of this gens best game."

I own a ps3 and I have played Skyrim on it.

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Red_Orange_Juice2272d ago

SO they are saying that they are the last big developer incompetent in ps3 development, its 2012 LMAO

just tell the truth that MS money is the cause of this delay

geddesmond2271d ago

Lol Bethesda doing another crappy job with the PS3. They put all their effort into the Xbox and PC but when it comes to the PS3 they can't develop for shit. I'm so finished with this company. They've just went on my list that Activision and Capcom are on of publishers I no longer support and its not because of the DLC delay but its because for the 5th time this gen they still can't get it right lol weak.

megacowdung2271d ago

I don't understand why they do this. The hardware on the PS3 and Xbox 360 are 90% identical in terms of performance. Is it the PS3's OS or IO or whatever it is called?

cyclindk2271d ago

Just curious...

If you don't know this: " Is it the PS3's OS or IO or whatever it is called?"

Then how could you possibly claim this: "The hardware on the PS3 and Xbox 360 are 90% identical in terms of performance?"

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extermin8or2272d ago

should've done a ps3 beta then... and gotten an actual NEW and BETTER engine game engine -_- start from scrath for that, every other open world game runs fine.... well mistly; I suppose few are as vast as Skyrim still I maintain Oblivion had more content...

partycrasher1012271d ago

What a terrible example. Do you forget that Oblivion was available on the xbox 360 Loooong before it ever became available for the PS3. Literally years before. And it has been well established that the PS3 is vastly more difficult to develop games for than any other console. I personally prefer gaming on the ps3 over anything else but I am glad I chose to play Skyrim on the PC.

extermin8or2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

you misunderstood me, I'm not saying it's acceptable or saying skrim trumps obilbion; what I am saying i think skyrim has less interesting missions, yet is worsely made and more ah well guess we'll see plus it doesn't run properly/didn't:/

NastyLeftHook02272d ago

im thinking it will come out in the middle of NEXT generation.

WeskerChildReborned2272d ago

Haha that will suck if it did.

Hellsvacancy2272d ago

But they still released the full game on the PS3, which had poor performance, didnt stop you then did it Bethseda?

Bladesfist2272d ago

You complain if they release a buggy version and complain if they delay a version to fix bugs. It's a no win situation for Bethesda.

DragonKnight2271d ago

It's BECAUSE it's Bethesda that people are complaining. They had no problems releasing Skyrim for PS3 despite the fact that its performance on the console was the absolute worst version of the game. Now, out of nowhere, they suddenly care about performance? It's hard for people to believe them this time. Every game they've released on the PS3 this gen has been bug riddled. What makes a bit of DLC any different?

AND EVEN WORSE, they were DENYING the existence of Dawnguard for PS3 until now. So they're clear liars.

Bladesfist2271d ago

I can see why your angry but that does not change the fact that you would have complained if they released it now and it was buggy. Give them a chance to release it and if its still buggy then you can give them hell and it would be deserved.

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