Battlefield 3: Armored Kill New Gameplay Footage, Tank Superiority Mode Detailed

MP1st - Along with a number of epic new maps and vehicles included in the upcoming Battlefield 3: Armored Kill DLC, out this September, players will also be getting their hands on the brand new, vehicle-based game mode Tank Superiority.

No longer are details kept in the shadows as DICE's own Niklas Fegraeus took the stage during EA's recent Summer Showcase event to give us our first look at Tank Superiority on the brand new map, Armored Shield.

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Gorbenshore2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

pretty awesome. Wish they would've shown more footage

dazzrazz2267d ago

This whole show was a fucking joke ! they showed 10 seconds of new gameplay

Wenis2267d ago

The modern day DICE aka EA's puppet is a fucking joke,, so what'd you expect

ShabbaRanks2267d ago

I wouldn’t want to work for them lol… People complain and everything, but imagine how pushed by EA the employees at Dice are. They got to make the game on 3 different systems, plus the map packs (okay some were probably done already). But still, they must work under a lot of pressure. We all know how greedy EA is… They want to be and the top of everything. They copy off Activision by making BF3 premium, they copy off Steam with Origins and they started this online pass shit. Would be cool if Dice would separate from them, but I highly doubt it will happen

yoyo121212262d ago

Premium is nothing like Elite

VonBraunschweigg2267d ago

10 seconds was more than enough. I'm getting a lot of kills in a tank these days, but tankbattles don't roll that fast, or shouldn't. Imo this looked pretty stupid.

Tanks, artillery, gunships. Really, if you want to blow something out of the sky in style these days & have a proper tankbattle, try Starhawk. Plain fun.

AO1JMM2267d ago

Agreed, but I have Premium so I will.

JKelloggs2267d ago

Lmao at his voice breaking

Brilliant vid though

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