What Makes a Good Video Game Villain?

With David Warner’s masterfully delivered opening lines we’re introduced to the coldly detached and ruthlessly calculating Jon Irenicus. It’s not long before circumstance carries you away from his underground lab, but his far-reaching influence is felt again and again as the game progresses.

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versusALL2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

I think what makes any good villain, no matter what media is a combination of intelligence and power. I thought best video game villains this gen were Saren, and The Illusive Man.

DryPancake2320d ago

I think the best villain is one who is merciless and who actually has a plan and a motive. Most videogames today have the villain as just a 'bad guy' with no reason as to why.

versusALL2320d ago

Exactly! I think most video games should take notes from movies and books as they have the best villains.

Blacktric2319d ago

I completely agree about Saren but Illusive Man is nothing but a botched villain thanks to Mass Effect 3.

brish2319d ago

I think the best video game villain is Bobby Kotick.

He has power but I don't know about intelligence.

WeskerChildReborned2320d ago

Something that seperates them from other villians.

Chris5582320d ago

There is no rule what makes good villian he has to be badass or just someone differend outstanding person

TekoIie2320d ago

Depends one what sort of villain your going for. Is it a big tough guy who is a challenge for the protagonist in a fight face to face? Or is it a leader of the enemy forces who always manages to escape you?

Then theres personality! This is where there are endless possibilities :D

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The story is too old to be commented.